Customer Driven Transformation

Recommended Reading: Customer Driven Transformation, KoganPage Press, 2018.


How did the customer experience (CX) of Netflix, Airbnb and Uber become the brand? Reinvent your value proposition and deliver delightful services that work. Customer-Driven Transformation shows how to instil an outside-in approach to strategy moving away from a management strategy that is resource optimization-led towards being customer-inspired. Design-thinking driven customer experience (CX) begins when customers become aware, make their first contact, negotiate terms, buy from you, experience your product, and continues during the support you provide after the purchase. Only customer insights can help the firm to develop the capabilities needed to deliver the service proposition. Design thinking demands that the firm puts a premium on the customer experience (CX) above all other considerations.

Agile firms align their operations to support an end-to-end and seamless customer experience system (CX). The CX process starts when prospective customers become aware of your brand. Design thinking forces you to use the ideas, feedback and insights of your customers as a starting point not as an afterthought. How customers experience your company matters much more than what you say your services will do.

About the Authors: Joe Heapy, Oliver King and James Samperi

Joe, Oliver and James run the UK consulting company, Engine Service Design. They help companies to use design thinking to improve their Customer Experience (CX) systems.


  • Your CX becomes your brand, the foundation of your reputation and your differentiator.